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Andre Costa

+43 681 202 076 80


Hallerstraße, 119a

Innsbruck, Austria


For over half a decade, I've been immersed in the art of visual storytelling, working for renowned brands such as North Face, Porsche, Vogue,, Black Diamond, YETI, A1, and Servus Tv. My role primarily revolves around being a Director of Photography, mainly in documentaries and commercials.

My alpine athlete background augments my perspective, granting me with exclusive accessibility to extreme alpine peaks and walls, whether it's to capture genuine narratives or craft brand stories.

In 2022, my documentary work "Luzhba" and "The Law Of 3" were highlighted in European film festivals and earned praise across various media platforms.

As both a DoP and Director, I emphasize the emotional and purposeful resonance of every scene, shot, and frame. My commitment spans the entirety of the production process, from the spark of an idea to the final edit.

Direction & Cinematography

  • Documentary and commercial filmmaking.

  • Proficient in traditional and innovative camera techniques.

  • Expertise in shooting high alpine environments.

Collaborative Post-production
Working closely with a team of professionals, guaranteeing that the post-production phase remains faithful to the original vision.

  • Editing

  • Color grading

  • Sound design

End-to-End Production Support

  • Conceptualizing stories and campaigns

  • Scouting ideal locations

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